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Tank 2010-2

2013.09.03 12:18

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1Tank 2010-2.jpg

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Tank 2010-2

17.3 x 11.4 x 14.9 inch / 2010 /  Aluminum, Stainless Steel. Brass, DC motor.

   To modification from the Tank 2009, I used aluminum extrusions for model, then casted it by resin plaster. The new plaster caterpillar made from aluminum model mold was a complete object for mechanical components.

After Tank 2009, I developed this idea to replace caterpillar from plaster to aluminum to create a different tank, even though it has same principle that moves by an AC motor. Based on the part used in Tank 2009, I reduced the size of caterpillar to find out ideal shape by touching with hand. I made various sizes of wooden prototype then choose one of them. The selected model was reproduced by aluminum.Orderly arranged chunk of aluminum pieces were like a pile of golden bars in a bank vault. 

Unlike the previous work of the tanks, I tried to minimize the tolerance less than 1mm. To make a perfect unit, I spend more time than any other works. Tank 2010-2 reminds a product or machine, but its movement is relatively slow and dull.