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Tank 2010-1

2013.09.03 12:34

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1Tank 2010-1.jpg

Tank 2010-1

33.8 x 22 x 14.9 inch / 2010 / Stainless steel, Wood, DC motor

  I choose the Science Box (a construction toy) as the material of this work.  From 1990s until now, this material is used as a teaching material in the elementary schools in Korea. Most of my friends had experienced this toy box when we were young, there are competitions in schools. Using the object has sharing memories, Tank 2010-1 reminds the time of youth.

The science box includes angle frames, strips which has holes, motor, gear and sprocket. Each component can be combined together with bolts and nuts. Characteristics of each unit in the Science Box encourage person who play with planning and imagine before they make something. Simplified geometric units can be assembled by bolts and nuts and immediately dismantled. The Science Box excludes free drawing and cutting when people make something with it. This unit system is well matched with my fabrication approach.

Similarly to the Tank 2009, each units moved by rotation of the AC motor. The caterpillars are connected each other in order to create movements. However, the connection of bolts and nuts are not strong enough to hold all the time, after some hours of operation, the units are take apart. Tank 2010-1 also has continued to damage the structure by its movement. This allows the normal operation accelerate their original presence. Additionally, I attached wings which are not necessary to break stereotype of heavy machine.