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Tank 2009

2013.09.09 12:36

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Tank 2009


13.3 x 35.4 x 11.9 inch / 2009 / Stainless Steel, Plaster, AC Motor, Aluminum

I found an abandoned motorcycle at the dumping ground. Despite it had all the essential components for its movement, it turned into a trash from a vigor transportation object due to a change of mind of previous owner. I began this project to redirect its vitality from death to life. I used some of components in the engine and the gears, also purchased a sprocket to link the motor and wheels. The basic structure of the forward wheel in the work was made from motorcycle.     

To create a dramatic scene, I produced the plaster caterpillar for the tank. The caterpillar was not intended from the beginning this project. However, the plaster pieces break each time continually I operate the tank. I gave up try to fix this problem. Instead, I decided to utilize this unexpected matter. The tank was able to run faster after the caterpillars are totally broken and leave out from wheels. Thus, I realized that the life is also same as the process.

The impact of this work is the sound and visual effect come from four-hundred plaster pieces hitting the floor and moving. On the other hand, the incomplete state before ripping off the caterpillar, the more moving action forward is the more destroy it; I feel the idea was similar to my life. This allowed me to give up modifying the unstable structure of the tank. Rather than that, I replace the caterpillar everyday at the gallery to the audiences enjoy the process of the destruction. I wish to create a new scene by replacing broken caterpillar. The appearance of Tank 2009 is similar with Armored Personnel Carrier or Mark I tank acted in WWI by the British Army. I thought myself, I copied old army vehicles unconsciously.