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2013.09.09 12:49

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Variable Size / 2009 / ABS, Stainless Steel, AC Motor, Wire

   Stealth, unlike its simple appearance, I wanted to show its tremendous destructive power. Focusing on the mechanism riding in an amusement park, I hanged 12 stealth planes between two rotating arms with fishing rods. The biggest problem was to match the movement of the two arms. In order to prevent a delay between two motors, I designed the two arms operate by a single motor. Four sets of bevel gear are located under the arms, as for transmission of rotation from the motor.

   The plane has an exquisite characteristic in the shape of triangle wings. I arranged twelve planes to create a huge black formation. Also, I wanted to show each sides of this plane. I intended to reveal a hidden destructive reality attaching more bombs in normal.

   This works ensured that the entire exhibition space can be filled with the invisible possibility of movement. Thus, beyond the path of arms move, the significance of space is expanded outwards. Most of all, this installation created a humor from the irony that extremely expansive bombers are hanged by fishing rods like a insect trapped by a spider web, and rotate continually and slowly like struggling movement to escape from it.