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We won't leave you behind

2013.09.15 14:16

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We won't leave you behind


Variable size / 2008 / Plaster, Alginate, Steel


This work is an expression of my patriotism and criticism of my country whose people are indifferent to the sacrifice and death of soldier in defense of the nation. Korea is under the threat of North Korean attack every day. The first and second battle of Yeonpyeong(1999,2002), and the sinking of Republic of Korea Ship Chenonan sinking(2009) taught us that this is not a peaceful time. However, these historical events have recurred many times during the last sixty years, and thus people have become insensitive to have continually secured themselves toward provocation and have lost fear of battles. The state of threat is normalized situation.

The navy destroyer placed on plaster altar reminds a coffin in my work reminds. I choose the size of warships almost to be same size and color of a salmon fish we eat. The alginate battleships are intended to look like fish on a chopping board not like a chunk of steel.

These battleships are losing their original forms and meaning since water evaporates from the alginate. The ships retain their own features but become contracted. The ships are heading towards a black box which has a heater inside, as they dry, their forms become coral-like representing a trace of life. Korean men lose their identities while they serve the country. The process of disappearance stands for the typical young soldiers in the Korean military. This deformation of shape creates a compassion and sympathy.