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The sorrow of generaton $800

2013.09.15 14:36

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The sorrow of generation - $800


23.6 x 84.6 x 1.1 / 2008 / Paper, MDF, Stainless Steel

In this project, I wanted to use lottery tickets to criticize a desolate reality that Korean twenty-something wish to escape, but cannot. This work mainly expresses the psychological conflict that occurred when people buy the lottery tickets. People who purchase lottery tickets expected to win despite the fact that their chances are slim. When lottery players fail to win, they experience disappointment, yet continue to buy lottery tickets, riding on the hope that they someday might win.

  I put all lottery tickets that I purchased for two years, next to their winning numbers. The tickets are listed in an orderly manner. I intended to elicit a feeling of sadness with this. The cause of this sadness is a worthless hope that promises to change players’ lives for the better, which was not able to do with their own, also, the fact that it will not happens to me. I let the audience pick six random numbers and match them to a given winning numbers. They realized that the number they chose could be the winning number in the week, however, it didn’t happen since yet. Through the trial lottery matching, the number selected randomly could be an excellent choice to change someone’s life entirely. At the same time, the lottery ticket can be the medium to make people feel frustration and guilt.