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Get under 100lb

2013.09.15 14:45

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Get under the 100 pounds

53.1 x 78.7 x 23.6 inch / 2008 /Acrylic mirror, stainless steel, air blower, scale, silicon


  The scale located in front of mirrors  are activated by the weight over 100lb when the audience step on it. Standing on the scale allows to flow current to the blowers behind the mirrors. When the two blowers start to generate flow, the person cannot see his/her reflected feature, because the mirrors are flipping by the wind from the blowers.

   Society urges young women to stay slim at all costs, also many of them feel stress to the numbers on the scale. The 100lb (45kg) is an essential criterion judging the beauty in the commercial in Korea. Although we have different physical body size, we are being torched to make ourselves to fit into the standard made by the commercial.