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For a cup of coffee

2013.09.15 16:02

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For a cup of coffee

15.5 x 15.5 x 9.4 / 2008 / Newspaper, Acrylic color

   The time when I made this piece was right after the financial crisis of 2008. I invested my half of saving to stock option before, but the value was suddenly dropped to quarter in a few weeks. At that time, poor people collected paper or plastic for their meal. I had to work for my art work and tuition, since I lost a lot of money with the crisis. I worked for three different jobs at that time.

  Every morning, I got up early, then I went to the subway station. I gathered the free newspapers into my backpack. While I was commuting from home to university. I was able to collect 5~6 pounds of newspaper. Because there were more diligent people who fought for surviving, I couldn't take everything. I was able to collect 150 pounds for a month. Every time I arrived my studio in the university, I laid papers with water mixed with glue and acrylic color. It seemed like a growth ring of tree trunk. 

  To buy a Starbucks coffee, I need to collect around 120 pounds (4 pounds paper had 10 cents value at that time). I really want just a cup of coffee in their. This work gave me a conflicting value of money.