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The aim of this project was conveying information from the Seattle public library in varies ways. Based on MySQL data, we were asked to find out some interesting patterns and connect them with social or behavioral matters. 

1. Data collection

I tried to verify how much the local cultural event in Seattle effects the book checkout in the Seattle public library. For this study, I choose one of the biggest cosplay events in the Northwest “Sakura-Con”, which is held in downtown Seattle every spring. A lot of players dress up as same characters in a cartoon. Especially, Japanese mangas are the most welcomed topic in this event. Famous cartoons artists, novel writers, and singers are invited for this event. This event gathers a lot of people who communicates their interests through a website into a physical place. I assume whether the people like the Japanese cartoon or not, once they meet all the characters, these encounters would invoke interest in the cartoon culture. I expect this leads to an increase in the request of Japanese mangas in - public library.

First, I started to run the program based on the Dewey Decimal Classification(DDC) with three categories “Entire comic book”, “Japanese mangas”, and “American comic book”. Then I performed the checkout time at two weeks interval per month to compare the checkout traffic.

Dewey classification of comic books

741.5 Comic books, graphic novels, fotonovelas, cartoons, caricatures, comicstrips

741.5028 Auxiliary techniques and procedures

741.5074 Museum and exhibits

741.51 Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipments, materials

741.53 Special aspects of comic books, graphic novels, fotonovelas, cartoons, caricatures, comic strips

741.531 Comic books, graphic novels, fotonovelas, cartoons, caricatures, comic strips displaying specific 


741.5315 Science fiction comic strips history, criticism, techniques

741.53164 Horror comic strips history, criticism, techniques

741.5352 Superhero comic strips history, criticism, techniques

741.53543 Romance comic strips history, criticism, techniques

741.53556 Detective comic strips history, criticism, techniques

741.5356 Robots drawing comic strips

741.5362 Animals drawing comic strips

741.537 Monsters drawing comic strips

741.56 Cartoons, caricatures, comic strips

741.56028 Auxiliary techniques and procedures

741.56074 Museums and exhibits

741.5607943 Caricatures awards Germany

741.569 History, geographic treatment, biography of cartoons, caricatures, comic strips

741.5691 Treatment by areas, regions, places in general

741.569411 Caricatures Scotland

741.56942 Caricatures England

741.56971 Caricatures Canada

741.56973 Caricatures United States

741.56982 Caricatures Argentina

741.58 Cartoon animation

741.59 History, geographic treatment, biography

741.591 Treatment by areas, regions, places in general

741.59411 Comic books Scotland

741.5942 Comic books England

741.5944 Comic books France

741.5945 Comic books Italy

741.5947 Comic books Eastern Europe

741.59493 Comic books Belgium

741.59519 Comic books Korea

741.5952 Comic books Japan

741.5971 Comic books Canada

741.5973 Comic books United States

741.5982 Comic books Argentina

Assignment1_Intae (1).jpg

Assignment1_Intae (3).jpg

Assignment1_Intae (2).jpg

Assignment1_Intae (4).jpg

Unlike like the data I imagine at first, the number of checkout in the Japanese section did not show a dramatic change, there was a 9% increase compare to the last month. However, in the American cartoon section, there was a 15% increase. Since there are more American cartoon in the entire cartoon section, fluctuation in the American section influenced the entire checkout. To make sure of this result, I tried to request numbers for 2012.

Compared to the Harry Potter data, comic book checkout shows particular patterns. The number was increased during August, and it went down until the next March. I could not find particular connection between the event and the book checkout, however, it is worth to try to survey from the time the show started (1988).

To visualize the excel data, I used the Processing. I set the four parameters; comic books (entire), American comic books, Japanese comic books, and Harry Potter related books. Four numbers has huge gaps in between, thus I tried to minimize the differentiation, and convey the changes visually by each months at the same time.


Revised version with expended data from 2006 to 2013.



The color on the box also stands for the total number of check-out books. 

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